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Istanbul’s Bazaars: Beyond Commodities

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What an Amazing World!

01 The Grand Bazaar

“Are you okay?” a young shopkeeper of an antique shop asks Alexander, probably taking the heed from the walking stick on his hand.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Where are you from?” Alexander replies.

“I was born in Afghanistan and raised in Pakistan” the boy answers nonchalantly. “But my parents and I now live in Istanbul.”

People from all over Turkey and other countries come to Istanbul for the very same reason with the Afghan boy, looking for a better living. For centuries, Istanbul – then Constantinople – has been one of the most thriving trade ports connecting East and West. Exotic commodities, exquisite fabrics and other highly sought-after goods fill the bazaars of the city.

In the covered labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar, a multitude of colorful textiles, rugs, silverware and souvenirs tickle or assault the senses, depending on one’s preference of a market or bazaar. First built in…

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