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Clivia Day Spa at Oribi Gorge Lodge & Spa

Oribi Gorge Lodge & Spa is situated in Paddock. I was treated to a Spa morning by my sister for my birthday. We were driving from Port Shepstone and once we entered the farm road, it seemed that we were never going to find the place. I must admit, at this stage I was a bit concerned because it was quite isolated. When we arrived and parked our car we were immediately greeted by a staff member who escorted us. From the moment we walked down the steps we were in awe. It was as if we were entering another world. I absolutely love nature and natural beauty and was blown away by the dramatic views of the gorge.

The therapists of the Clivia Day Spa were attentive yet unobtrusive. I had the 90 minute Swedish full body massage and it was absolutely blissful. While I was lying face down on the massage bed before the massage treatment commenced the therapist rubbed an incense between her hands and told me to inhale it. It had a peppermint fragrance. What was fascinating is that the fragrance awakened my senses but as the massage progessed it induced deep relaxation.

After our treatment we had a light lunch. Once again I was not expecting much. The food and service at the restaurant was spectacular. The chef and staff were obliging when it came to our dietary needs and you could just see the joy and pride they took in preparing and serving the food. We walked around for a bit and relaxed by the poolside. I requested to have a look at one of the villas as I was curious to see the views from the rooms. Needless to say the views from the huge windows were breathtaking. What I especially liked about the rooms are the décor, the earthy tones of the curtains and flooring combined with contemporary furniture pieces give the rooms a natural, clean, modern twist.

The Oribi Gorge Lodge and Spa is definitely a must to visit. Everything is done with attention to detail. It is an establishment that lives up to and deserves it’s five star status.

The details:

The Restaurant

Licensed: Yes

Food: Vegetarian Options available

The Spa

Children over 12 years welcome

Address: Lot 15, Pengaan Farm, Oribi Flats, Port Shepstone, Kwazulu Natal

Tel: +27 39 687 4000



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(Post written October 2012)

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